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Airtel Toll Free

Airtel Toll Free services provide your potential customers with a 'free' and convenient way to contact your business. It is proven that the potential customers tend to call Toll free number than any other number & it gives you a great business advantage over competition. This number can be accessed all over India from every fixed line and mobile subscribers of any service provider in India..

Airtel Toll Free Features

Follow me: Choose a Toll Free number to which all calls will be routed. If your potential customer calls from a different city their call will land on the same pre-defined number.

Vanity numbering series: Get a Toll Free number series which is easy to remember and aids your brand recall.

Percentage quota call distribution: Distribute the calls, by a certain percentage, made to the Toll Free number, depending on the total capacity your call center.

Time dependent routing: Route the calls on the basis of time, day, week or year to a different location as it suits your requirement.

Multi-location call distribution: Route the calls to multiple locations based on your business needs

Value Added Services (Optional)

* Voice mail
* Call statistics
* Call forwarding
* Automatic disaster routing

How it benefits you

* Reliable and extensive pan-India coverage
* Track responses to your marketing efforts in a cost- effective manner
* Extend privilege customer service 24 x 7 and improve your brand image

Choose Your Airtel Tollfree Plan
Tariff Plan 1 Plan 2
Rental (Per Month) 1000 2000
Free Call Value 0 0
Local (Per Minute) 1.6 1.4
STD (Per Minute) 1.8 1.6
Security Deposit (refundable) Rs 2000 Rs 2000
Activation fees( Non refundable ) Rs 3000 Rs 3000

* This Service Can be Activated in any existing analog DEL or PRI Line
* Refundable Security Deposit - Rs 2000/-
* Non Refundable Activation Fees - Rs 3000/-
* Plans Subject to Change

Value Added Service to Airtel Toll Free Service

Special Value Added Service for Airtel Toll Free Service from (Not Airtel Service)

The real advantage in Tollfree may turn a nightmare & your good intension may turn bad economics, if not properly handled by your employees. We offer a comprehensive solution that takes the beast out of Toll Free and yet gives a world class experience to your clients.

Process :
    • Your Toll Free will be mapped to our PRI and will be attended by a special server.
    • Server will ask relevant questions designed by you and record the comple conversation and send the same by mail -
    • For Demo call our Toll Free 1800 10 33033
    • Sample Mail - Sample Voice 1 - Sample Voice 2

Advantages :
    • 24 Hour Operation
    • Since it is terminated in a PRI, unlimited simultaneous calls
    • The call duration is restricted to 58 sec, thus takes the uncertainty out of every call
    • Saves huge manpower cost

Cost :
    • Set Up Cost : Rs 5000/- (Including Proffesionl Voice Recording)
    • Monthly Rental : Rs 2500/- (Including 100 Free Calls - Duration 58 Sec)
    • Every Additional Call charged at Rs 5/ Call (58 Sec)
    • Minimum period of contract - 6 Months (Rental Payable in Advance)
    • On Termination of contract - Number shall be transferred to you.
    • This operates on a prepaid model.

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